About Us

Turbo-Charge Healthy Living!

At StickyLickits our mission is to get kids to eat more fruits and vegetables and to make them more adventurous eaters.

This unique idea was born out of a Grandmother’s experience with a study that was done by Dr. Francine Kaufman for the NIH on childhood obesity which concluded that, “children born after 2000 will have a shorter lifespan than their parents due to poor lifestyle choices of food and lack of movement.” The main recommendation that came from the study was that the most effective thing that parents could do would be to get their children to eat more fruits and vegetables.

StickyLickits became the solution to what Grandmother, Linda S. York, saw as the “#1” Problem, How do you persuade kids to eat more fruits and vegetables without kitchen table battles, bribery, and frustration by parents and kids? StickyLickits! That’s how.

Our Team

Linda York Round
Linda began her career in finance, moving quickly into the entertainment business funding and then producing movies. Linda and Francine Bergman created a company, Lipstick, Inc. where they produced Direct Response programming, commercials, specials and television series. Linda then went on to become Creative Director of Beach Body. While there, she developed “YouType2,” the only exercise and nutrition program that’s ever been approved by the American Diabetes Association to reverse and prevent type 2 diabetes. That success lead her to develop a program to help children create habits for healthy eating and exercising for the NIH. Linda brings to the StickyLickits team her creative and financial talent She was instrumental in developing the product to help parents get their kids to eat fruits and veggies. And so was born our natural edible sticker.
Francine Bergman Round

Francine Bergman is the Executive Producer of StickyLickits, LLC. Where she is part of the marketing team and is also involved in public relations for the company. She’s a five time Emmy award winning producer. Her credits include $25,000 Pyramid, $100,000 Pyramid, and The David Letterman Show.

Ms Bergman joined Home Shopping Network, where she executive produced many high-end productions. Following HSN, she joined Transactional Media, Inc as Vice President of Product and Programming. There she developed both television talk and beauty shows. Francine was part of the team that created the first transactional daytime TV program, Day-to-Day Live And the first late night transactional program for a the ABC Network… Nitecap, hosted by Robin Leach.

Ms Bergman has produced three Documentary movies for Showtime called The Opposite Sex and Beyond the Opposite Sex. In addition, she has produced commercials and Direct Response spots for a number of major companies including Kodak, Gray Advertising, Hot Springs Spas, Jerome Alexander, Bosley Hair Products, and many others.

John Foreman
John’s professional background includes over 25 years developing traditional and digital marketing & business initiatives. John’s career began in television advertising sales and production. With his media background and interest in emerging technologies, John was an early entrant into the digital media landscape founding an agency in 1996 that focused on development of internet related projects. Since then John has assisted countless organizations (B2B, B2C & non-profits) providing strategy and spearheading projects that span the disciplines of brand building, marketing, advertising, ecommerce, social media and business development.
Bill Brown

Bill’s professional background is in manufacturing and supply-chain management for consumer products and services, with supplemental activity in trade publishing and celebrity licensing. His career has focused on work based on Dollars and Sense.– making things better, faster and less expensive. Bill’s first-hand involvement in new product development includes QUAKER OATS, OVATION INC., GAIAM, BATUS & the, ROCKWELL MUSEUM.