Our Mission

At StickyLickits, we believe that if you make fruits and veggies fun to eat, kids will eat them, and by the way…that just happens to be good for them. We believe the only thing StickyLickits adds to food is fun. And we believe that creative kids are happy kids.

Our Stickers

What do you get when you make stickers good enough to eat?  Awesomeness!!! Just peel a sticker off of the backing… Lick it, Stick it on some fruit or veggies and Eat the whole thing. StickyLickits melt in your mouth, turbocharge healthy eating, and are fun! StickyLickits are sugar free, peanut free, tree nut free, gluten free, non GMO, soy free, dairy free, vegan, and kosher.

Our Story

Here’s the Situation
Most American kids eat poorly and the result is obesity and poor health. Scientists predict that today’s children may be the first in U.S. history to have a shorter life expectancy than their parents.

Here’s What We Know
When kids eat more fruit and veggies, it is a proven factor in reducing obesity and growing up healthy.

Here’s the Challenge
How do you get kids to eat more fruits and veggies?

StickyLickits is the solution
We believe that you need to make eating fruits and veggies fun. Kids of all ages love stickers. That’s why we’ve created stickers kids can eat. They are all natural, with no sugar and zero artificial ingredients. When kids can decorate their fruits and veggies with edible stickers, they eat more fruits and veggies, and are willing to try new foods. Studies at the Cornell Food Lab have shown that children will choose to eat fruit branded with recognizable stickers over sweets.

Why We Care

We are parents and grandparents looking for ways to teach our kids healthy eating habits. We want our kids to have healthy bodies. We know that StickyLickits make healthy eating a fun adventure.