Play with your food!

Kids have known this forever, but now grown-ups are finding out that playing with your food is actually really good for kids. At StickyLickits we know that kids have fun putting stickers they can eat on all sorts of fruit and veggies, then eating them. Children who act as if their meals are an art form are actually learning all kinds of things when they play. Seems that kids who played with their food were faster to learn words associated with food tastes and textures than kids who didn’t play. Toddlers, who mashed, poked, prodded, mushed, and even threw their food, were interacting more than other children with key developmental concepts.

Preschoolers who play with their food are more likely to try new things, eat a more varied diet and are less likely to develop a fear of tasting new things. A fresh solution for helping picky eaters to relax might be getting them involved in something messy like food art as well as using edible stickers to decorate their food. It’s a fun way for kids to try something new and be more adventurous in exploring food. Let the games begin!