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NEW STUDY! Cartoon Characters Can Help Kids Choose Fruits & Veggies

Researchers at the University of Bari Adlo Moro in Italy found that 5- and 6-year-olds choose healthy foods like kiwis, carrots and tomatoes over their usual name-brand snacks if the healthy items had a sticker featuring their favorite cartoon character. Even kids who had never tried or straight-up disliked the healthier options were still swayed by the sticker. “The findings show that characters deeply influenced children’s choices in favor of healthy food,” wrote the authors, who said the results “can represent an incisive marketing tool to increase children’s appreciation of fruit and vegetables.”


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Make Us Go Bananas

Our fans love jokes so we decided to keep everybody laughing by picking and sharing the best fruit or veggie joke you send us each week. The winner will be Top Banana of the week and receive a packet of StickyLickits, complete with confetti, to celebrate. It’s easy peasy. Email us your best joke at Use Contest 1 in the subject line and if you really want to make us laugh, send us a picture of yourself that we can use. Orange you glad we asked you to produce your best joke?

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